About Me

Dr Moshe Weisblum is a New York-based business consultant who specializes in helping businesses with problems overcome them and become profitable and successful again. His more than 20 years in the business arena includes experience with real estate, retail, education, nonprofits, investments, mergers and acquisitions, entrepreneurship, franchising and fundraising, both in the US and in Israel. Weisblum is something of a renaissance man, with a variety of skills and interests ranging from music to teaching, in addition to his business acumen.

Work experience

Weisblum has built a solid work resume. Before starting his consulting business in 2001, Weisblum spent nearly 10 years as a business consultant for Quick Home Solutions LLC, a real estate developer in the greater Baltimore area. In this position, he worked with a series of financially-successful, privately-owned businesses with emphasis on real estate investments. He managed the entire real estate investment process, from purchase negotiations through completion.

Other previous work experience includes five years as an executive vice president/partner at AWK Ltd, a general contracting business based in New Jersey; three years as a business consultant for Better and Different, an Israeli retailer based in Jerusalem; and for six years as an import/export manager for Chalmah International Foods in Tel Aviv, where he coordinated trade shows, trained management in new technological systems and created joint ventures between Eastern European companies and middle eastern investors.

Media, teaching and government service

Weisblum has served as a consultant on Middle Eastern affairs in Washington, DC and has is frequently invited to share his opinions and insights about social and political issues on numerous TV talk shows. During his 10 years living in Israel, Weisblum volunteered for the Israeli Defense Forces, served in the elite air corps and completed his military career in the Israeli Army as a commissioned officer with the rank of Major.

Weisblum served as a professor at Strayer University in Washington DC from 2012 to 2016. At Strayer, he taught critical thinking, business and public administration, art history and several other subjects. During his time at the university, Weisblum was rated among the top best professors for two consecutive years. He has several pages of perfect 5.0/5.0 ratings from students on "Rate my Professors", an independent social media site that gives students a place to "grade" their professors. Student reviews cite Weisblum's humor, command of the class subject and that his makes his classes enjoyable.

Weisblum on YouTube

Weisblum has a very active YouTube channel, where he posts music he has composed as well as video classes about Jewish tradition and holidays and sections of the Talmud. His channel, which he started nearly 10 years ago, has more than 16,000 subscribers and continues to grow exponentially. To date, his YouTube videos have been viewed more than 5.7 million times.


Weisblum attended Yeshivat Torat Emet, in Haifa, Israel and studied computer science at the Ofrim Institute in Israel. After moving to the United States, he earned a Master of Public/Business Administration and Management with honors from Farleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey. He also earned a PhD in philosophy (with honors) from Baltimore Hebrew University (now Baltimore Hebrew Institute at Towson University).

Other skills, awards and experiences

Weisblum is fluent in four languages--English, Arabic, Hebrew and Russian. He has published seven books on Jewish philosophy and history, including "Table Talk Biblical Questions and Answers" and "Ruth Talk". He is also a syndicated newspaper columnist and his columns appear weekly in 17 newspapers throughout the Northeastern United States and Canada, including the "Garden City News" and the "Great Neck Record". His screenplay, "House of Bread" was sold to 20th Century Pictures and is in the pre-production stage.

Weisblum has won numerous awards for his writing, including the Sidney Breitbart Prize in Jewish philosophy from Baltimore Hebrew University, the Keren Zikaron Award for writing and the Golden Prize in Writing from the City of Haifa, Israel.

Weisblum plays seven different instruments proficiently, including the piano, saxophone and clarinet. He is also an accomplished tenor. His music runs the gamut from inspirational music to music for Jewish religious holidays. His CD, "Heartfelt Melodies", released in 2017, has a five-star rating from customers on Amazon.com. "Heartfelt Melodies", which Weisblum both composed and performed, is described as music for meditation, yoga and personal reflection. Weisblum serves as the musical director for his temple and also plays in the temple's band.

Born in Sedeh Ya’akov, Israel, Weisblum grew up in New York City and now makes his home on Long Island. When he's not working, he enjoys composing and performing music, boating, playing baseball and spending time with his growing family, including his five children and his 17 grandchildren. One of his favorite quotes is from Winston Churchill, “Success is going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”


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